Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Best Prospects East of the Great Lakes

For you BC and Providence fans out there, here's a list heavy with prep school players. The eastern prep schools, while no doubt proud of their athletic programs, do a lousy job of boasting their top players. I imagine it's to keep their academic image more prominent than their athletic reputation, and I can't say I'd fault them for that philosophy.

A good portion of these kids will play in the QMJHL, but most should opt for the D1 hockey route, if lucky enough to have the opportunity.

Eastern Prospects
1. Kevin Clare (92/D) - Jersey Hitmen - EJHL
2. Danny Biega (91/D) - Salisbury Prep

3. Shane Sooth (92/F) - Salisbury Prep
4. Brandon Saad (92/F) - Pittsburgh
5. Stephen Johns (92/D) - Pittsburgh
6. Matt Nieto (F/92) - Salisbury Prep

7. Brandon Russo (92/D) - Salisbury Prep
8. Connor Brickley (92/F) - Belmont Hill

9. Michael Reardon (92/D) - Nobles Prep

Others to consider
Daniel Furlong (91/D) - Governor's Academy
Danny Federico (92/D) - Jr. Bruins - Empire JHL
Brandon McNally (92/F) - Belmont Hill
Quinn Smith (92/F) - Avon Old Farms
Thane Heller (92/F) - Gunnery Prep
Kyle Hughes (91/F) - Salisbury Prep
Shane Prince (92/F) - Syracuse - EJHL
Cody Ferriero (91/F) - Governor's Academy
Colin Shea (91/D) - Jr. Bruins - Empire JHL
Jake Goldberg (91/F) - Berkshire
Brendan McCarron (91/F) - Jr. Huskies - EJHL
Doug Marhsall (90/D) - Syracuse - EJHL
Gus Young (91/D) - Nobles Prep
Eric Robinson (90/F) - South Shore Kings - EJHL
Kyle Quick (91/D) - Salisbury Prep
Alex Chiasson (90/F) - Northwood Prep
Brendan Rempel (91/D) - Avon Old Farms
Steve Rogers (90/F) - St. Sebastian's
Zack Phillips (92/F) - Eaglebrook
Kody Orr (92/F) - Dartmouth Midget
John Knisley (92/F) - Rochester Alliance
Adam DeSanctis (92/D) - Gunnery Prep
Zach Sandonato (91/F) - Jr. Bruins - Empire JHL
Michael Pereira (91/F) - South Kent
Kevin Hayes (92/F) - Nobles Prep
David Bondra (92/F) - Team Maryland
David Mead (92/F) - Jr. Senators - Atlantic JHL
Stefan Demopoulos (91/F) - Avon Old Farms
Sean Logue (90/F) - South Shore Kings - EJHL
Mike Conderman (91/F) - Cushing Academy
Derek DeBlois (91/F) - Hotchkiss Prep
Paul Dimitruk (90/D) - Jr. Warriors - EJHL
Kyle Hunchberger (90/F) - Milton Academy