Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hot 15 Prospects

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Minnesota High School '91s

This crop of juniors and sophmores is probably the most intently watched at the moment. The depth is thin though, as some of these will no doubt make my upcoming "Top 15 Hotest Commodities" list, while the ones at the bottom will fight for D1 opportunities.

MSHSL '91s
2. Sam Alfieri (F) - Shattuck
4. Jared Maetche (D) - St. Cloud Tech
5. Tyler Zepeda (F) - Hill-Murray
6. Joey Rehkamp (F) - Breck
7. Connor Gaarder (F) - Edina
8. Blake Thompson (D) - Eden Prairie
9. Chad Hennum (F) - Elk River
10. Jordan Johnson (D) - Hill-Murray

Others to consider
Brendan Baker (D) - Edina
Isaac Kohls (F) - Hill-Murray
Ryan Weston (D) - Roseau
Matt Johnson (F) - Stillwater
Mark Alt (D) - Cretin

Izaak Berglund (D) - Little Falls
Jordan Lovick (F) - Cenntenial

Friday, December 21, 2007


Goalies are even less accurate to judge by a stat sheet than skaters are. However, here are some that have made names for themselves in previous years or are doing well this season. To limit the number of candidates, I tried to stick with goalies that have a chance of playing next season.

Goaltenders (‘89s & Older)
1. Kent Patterson – Cedar Rapids – USHL
2. Chris Rawlings – Powell River – BCHL
3. Paul Beckwith – Pembroke – CJHL
4. Matt Weninger – Kindersly – SJHL
5. Cody Reichard – Fairbanks - NAHL
6. Kal Saimbhi – Sherwood – AJHL
7. Scott Greenham – Oakville – OPJHL

8. Robbie Moss – North Iowa – NAHL
9. Shane Madolora – Omaha – USHL
10. Pasquale Terrazzano – Ohio – USHL

Others to consider
Mathieu LaRochelle – Camrose - AJHL

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Minnesota High School '90s

As juniors and seniors, some of the remaining players from this birth year could be making their college choices very soon. Others might play in the junior leagues to procure more/better offers.

MSHSL ‘90s

1. Zach Lehrke (F) – Park Rapids
2. Tyler Landman (F) – Roseau
3. Cory Thorson (F) – Armstrong
4. Nick Jensen (D) – Rogers
5. Ben Nelson (F) – Roseau
6. Dano Jacques (D) – Duluth-Marshall
7. JT Brown (F) – Rosemount

8. Alexander Fallstrom (F) – Shattuck

Others to consider
Andy Singerhouse (F) – Hill-Murray
Ben Ammerman (D) – Moorhead
Daniel Sova (D) – Hill-Murray

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

Welcome to College Hockey Recruit Exchange!!

Following the ins & outs of college hockey recruiting has become a little hobby of mine. But I'll be the first to admit; I'm no scout. I don't get out to see too much junior, high school, or midget hockey, so I'm relegated to checking the message board buzz and stat sheets. That's where I need your help in making this blog relevant. I'll come up with various recruit rankings, and you, my knowledgeable readers, can give me your feedback as to how you would rank them differently. The process to do so will be simple: If my recruit rankings were stock prices, and based on where I've ranked them, would you buy a recruit because he's undervalued, sell a recruit because he's overvalued, or hold the recruit because he's valued correctly? Basically, in your comments, just write the recruits' names and if you would buy them, sell them, or hold them. The next edition of the rankings will take into account your feedback, as well as the recruits' performances in the interim. I know this blog will get it's share of critics, naysayers, and ballot box stuffers, but I'm hoping it'll get it's fair share of fans and regular contributors too. At the very least, I hope you don't regard reading this first post as a waste of your valuable time. Enjoy!