Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Minnesota High School '91s

This crop of juniors and sophmores is probably the most intently watched at the moment. The depth is thin though, as some of these will no doubt make my upcoming "Top 15 Hotest Commodities" list, while the ones at the bottom will fight for D1 opportunities.

MSHSL '91s
2. Sam Alfieri (F) - Shattuck
4. Jared Maetche (D) - St. Cloud Tech
5. Tyler Zepeda (F) - Hill-Murray
6. Joey Rehkamp (F) - Breck
7. Connor Gaarder (F) - Edina
8. Blake Thompson (D) - Eden Prairie
9. Chad Hennum (F) - Elk River
10. Jordan Johnson (D) - Hill-Murray

Others to consider
Brendan Baker (D) - Edina
Isaac Kohls (F) - Hill-Murray
Ryan Weston (D) - Roseau
Matt Johnson (F) - Stillwater
Mark Alt (D) - Cretin

Izaak Berglund (D) - Little Falls
Jordan Lovick (F) - Cenntenial


Rabib said...

Isn't Maetche a forward?

CHRE said...

Nope. He switched near the start of the season, though I hear he still plays foward on occasion.

Tomtaboda said...

Ryan Weston,Izaak Berglund, and Joe Arbor should be on this list. Both went to NY last summer (Berglund got hurt 10 min. into 1st game) and St. Cloud in 2006. Weston lives in Ness" huge shadow but he is SOLID. He will play D-1 for someone. Berglund was uninspired at times in elite league, but still managed to finish near the top in scoring.

Anonymous said...

kyle reinarts. foward for new ulm. short but very strong. see's the ice well, plays in southern minnesota and doesn't receive much exposure. He could be on this list.

Anonymous said...

kyle reinarts could be added to this list. He is a foward for New Ulm. Plays in southern MN and doesn't receive the exposure he deserves. He short but strong with and with out the puck. He will play some where as long as he gets the chance the metro kids do.

Anonymous said...

Zac McCarver NSP