Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 Draft Eligible Prospects (CSS Midterm)

2008 Draft Eligible Prospects
1. Mitch Bruijsten (F) - Sioux City - USHL (152)
2. Rich Manley (F) - Burnaby - BCHL (170)
3. Anders Lee (F) - Edina - MSHSL (174)
4. Cory Thorson (F) - Armstrong - MSHSL (177)
5. Nick Nagel (F) - Totino-Grace - MSHSL (179)
6. Ryan Furne (F) - Hill-Murray - MSHSL (193)
7. CJ Ludwig (D) - Dallas Stars (194)
8. Keegan Flaherty (F) - Green Bay - USHL (209)

1. Joe Howe - Waterloo - USHL (26)


CHRE said...

Since there's no reason to vote on this list, I'll just add my thoughts. Keeping in mind that this list is outdated the day it's released, and that it is an opinion of pro (not collegiate) potential, it's difficult to get excited about Larson and MacWilliam. Jokinen could indeed be a quality late snag for some lucky team, but he'll definately need a year of junior seasoning if he's to be effective for his freshman campaign. The same goes for all the midget and eastern prep school kids. Carle seems to be the real hot commodity, as noted in my earlier post. Wiercioch's slow adaption to the USHL and an injury hamper his stock.

From this list, if a team was looking to add an impact player for next season, I'd probably rank them Carle, Bruijsten, Clemente, Thompson, and Robinson, in that order.

Rabib said...

Any idea on who is looking at Larson?

Mike McMahon said...

Are you talking about recruits who haven't yet made a comittment?

Because, Joe Cannata (heading to Merrimack this fall) is ranked higher, and in my opinion, is better than Clemente.

I've seen both play, and Cannata is better positionally, has really good size. Clemente is athletic, but I would guess Cannata has the better collegiate career.

hockeyfan said...

does anyone know who might be recruting Joe Howe ? To my knowledge, he is only a junior in high school. He appears to be having a good 1st season in the USHL. If plays another season in the USHL next year, he should be ready for a D1 program in the 2009/2010 season.

USHLfan07 said...

Cannata has a reputation for being lazy, and he is out of shape.

Anonymous said...

These are great players but there are some I think are just as good if not better. What about Matt Brooker, goalie, with the Marquette Rangers, or Derrick Grogan a great defensemen.

Anonymous said...

Young goalie in Iron Mountain - Obrian - excellent aggressive player. If he's behind the right team - he'd stand out huge. Worth a look...

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Brooker appears to be a very physical athlete 6'3" 185 lbs.
Has all the right moves but needs a team in front of him. Placement of these young goalies can break or make them.