Thursday, September 11, 2008

Early Season Stats

Many of the pre and regular season games have started for the Canadian Junior A leagues, and a few players jump out at me statistically. I haven't seen any of these guys play, so if anybody who has would like to post a comment, I'd much appreciate it...

Ontario Provincial
Alex Guptill (F/92) - Brampton
The kid is already nice sized at 6'2" and 165. Not only should he fill out, he may even get a bit taller, as young as he is. As a rookie in the league, he's put up six points in his first three games and is the third highest scoring player on his team. If he can remain in that position, he could potentially bolt to the MJ team that owns his rights (the other Brampton) before the completion of the season. Of course, he was only a sixth round pick, so there's a chance a college could capture his attention before pressure from Bramption is really applied.

Justin DaSilva (D/90) - Brampton
Very tall, probably a bit lanky at 6'5 and 205. A half point per game defensman last year, he's started this year with five assists in three games. Three of those assists were on the power play, which would indicate that 1) He's been promoted, and 2) He probably is better, but not THAT much better, than last season. His size makes him appealing though.

Riley Smith (F/91) - St. Michaels
He put up a handful of points in a handful of games last season, but started this season with a goal and five assists in his first two games, good for second on his team in points. He's got respectable size too, at 6'0" and 160.

Robert Visca (F/91) - Orangeville
Probably a stocky, strong kid at 5'11" and 190, Robert led his team in goals last season.

Brett Cameron (F/90) - Spruce Grove
Brett was passed over in the last draft, but he's always had decent size and stats. He's started this regular season off right with seven points in his first two games

Corban Knight (F/90) - Okotoks
Another good sized player passed over in the '08 draft, but he's a rookie leading his team in goals (3) and points (4) in his first two games.

Matt MacKay (F/90) - Calgary
Matt is '09 eligible and has been on my Hot 15 list for a while. It's no surprise that this average sized forward has come out with guns a blazin'. He has three goals and an assist in his first two games.

British Columbia
Konrad Sander (F/90) - Langley
Experience is dominating after the first weekend of BCHL action, but this '09 eligible rookie with good size has team leading two goals in his first two games.


Anonymous said...

The OPJHL is the weakest League in Canada.Just look at the scores 9-8. Not hard to have eye popping stats.

CHRE said...

It's not on par with the BCHL or the AJHL, but from a college hockey standpoint, they do tend to produce a few more high end guys than does the CJHL, MJHL, or SJHL (save the Hounds).

The numbers are definately inflated, but seeing youngsters appear at the top of the stats list is always intriguing.

Any comments on the players I listed?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of how weak or strong a league is deemed to be, we've all heard that if you are a player they will find you. Having said that, the University of Michigan has secured Alex Guptill for the future and the University of Miami has committed Riley Smith. Two very strong programs who have recruited from a weak stat inflated league!