Monday, April 20, 2009

Chicago Showcase

The data set is too small to draw any conclusions, but here are some players who had some statistically good individual performances at the Chicago Showcase that concluded April 19th...

Schulz, Matt (Sr) - Team Northwest
Plutowski, Jake (Sr) - North Dakota
Vidal, Matthew (Sr) - New York
Malamud, Peter (Jr) - Philadelphia
Cimoch, Christopher J (Sr) - Illinois
Ziegler, JJ (Sr) - Team Northwest
Mcdonald, Chase (Sr) - Team Northwest
Crawford, Taylor (Sr) - Team Northwest
Petito, Jesse P (Sr) - New York
Dobrzeniecki, Alex J (Sr) - Indiana
Scully, John P (Jr) - Illinois
Cummings, Brandon R (Jr) - Arizona-New Mexico

Platt, Brandon (Jr) - Kentucky-West Virginia
Chase, Mike (Sr) - Northern New England

Carrabino, Joseph D (Jr) - New York
Linder, Christoffer (Jr) - Northern New England
Cornick, Kinsey Arthur (Jr) - Team Midwest
Stephens, Kyle (Sr) - North Dakota
Williams, Oliver J (Sr) - New York

Some, but not all, of these players will have the opportunity to continue their hockey careers in juniors. Some, but not many, of those players will be able to move on to D1 hockey. Funny thing is, the championship team from Minnesota had solid performances from several players, but didn't lean on any one player enough to put him on the list above. The D1 chances of players like Schyler Adams, Zach May, Andy Pearson, Tyler Voigt, and Sam Rendle are, in reality, better than the chances for most of the players listed above. Anyway, kudos to the Minnesota team and to the players who made the most of their opportunities.


Anonymous said...

You named a few of the players on the MN team, but you left off the 2 goalies that did an outstanding job and another forward that has been under the radar, mainly due to the school he played for. Eckman from Two Harbors, coming from a small not full of talent or depth team,making it to the showcase, elite 1's. Potential!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your listings. Please note that "Evan" Kovacs is Justin Kovacs from Grosse Pointe North...Has never appeared anywhere on your lists but was drafted into the USHL in the second 25th overall...certainly off everybody's radar except Cedar Rapids who scouted him over and over again! I think they made a real find. Just check out his MIHL stats and overall stats!