Wednesday, June 3, 2009

EJHL Prospect Rankings

I failed. I admit that, as a Minnesotan, I don't pay as much attention to the east as I should. My apologies. Hopefully, the prospect rankings for the EJHL should help make up for my errors.

The EJHL is really a league pretty much on par with the NAHL, despite the fact that the NAHL is technicallyTier II and the EJHL is Tier III. Like the NAHL, many of these players have secured their college commitments already. Some of the more talented players will go straight to D1, others will transition to the USHL. Due to the lack of youth on this list, I don't think any are considered hot commodities. For the most part, those players have made their college choices already.

1. Geraci, Nick (89) - Jersey Hitmen
2. Morra, Steve (89) - Junior Bruins
3. Mitchell, Adam (90) - Baystate Breakers
4. Cantor, Alex (90) - Jersey Hitmen
5. Budnick, Joe (91) - Bridgewater
6. DiFruscio, Mark (90) - Apple Core
7. Ors, Dennis (89) - Junior Bruins

Offensive Defensemen
1. Descoteaux, Nolan (89) - South Shore Kings
2. Merrill, Greg (90) - Baystate Breakers
3. Kimmel, Sabastion (88) - Junior Huskies
4. Grace, Mike (89) - Capital District Selects
5. Barbieri, Dylan (89) - Bridgewater Bandits


Anonymous said...

Kevin Czepeil-RW has committed to UMass Amherst however Heisenberg has him listed as Kevin Szepeil.

Tough list to make with some of those 88 DOB probably going to a high-end Div. III.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Craig left half way through 08-09 season to play at Niagara. Budnick is now with Bridgewater.

Anonymous said...

Cantor, was drafted in the NAHL by Texas. Not sure where he will play this year.

Dennis Ors, is heading back to Sweden to play pro.

3. Kimmel, is a forward and will be going to Trinity.

Mike Grace is heading to Plattsburgh.