Thursday, July 16, 2009

USA U17 Select Team for Five Nations Tournament

Here we go! Outside of the NTDP players, these are the hottest uncommited Americans born in 1993...

Ben Bahe - Hill Murray HS
Kevin Becker - Hill Murray HS
Kenneth Gillespie - East Coast Eagles
Anthony Greco - Shattuck-St. Mary’s U16 Midget

Christian Horn - Benilde-St. Margaret's HS
Alex Racino - Team Wisconsin
Lukas Sutter - Lethbridge Titans
Austin Wuthrich - Alaska All Stars

Brian Cooper - Alaska All Stars
Garrett Haar - LA Selects
Jake McCabe - Team Wisconsin/Eau Claire Memorial
Dan Molenaar - Eden Prairie HS
Connor Murphy - Ohio Blue Jackets

Brendan Jensen - LA Selects
Jay Williams - TPH Thunder/Hotchkiss Prep


Anonymous said...

I understood that Swenson has signed with the Portland of the WHL so he is no longer eligible for College.

Anonymous said...

How can Mn high school hockey players even be considered as prospects anymore? It is foolish.

As these players get older they continue to compete with players younger then themselves. I would hope they would appear to do better year after year.

At least the athletes that play Tier-I are always playing players that are the same age or older.

And the players that move on to Juniors while still in high school are almost always competing with players that are older and very seasoned.

Anonymous said...

how can you say that MN HS players cant be considered prospects? look at the nhl draft and you'll see a ton of minnesotans, more than any other state. and MN actually has a good HS program, which is why kids stick around at HS and don't play Tier 1