Monday, October 6, 2008

Hot 15 Prospects

Special to CHRE from Chris Dilks of the Western College Hockey Blog...

1. Kevin Clare (D/92) - NTDP
2. Anders Lee (F/90) - Edina High School
3. Colin Jacobs (F/93) -Texas Attack
4. Emerson Etem (F/92) - NTDP
5. Tucker Long (F/92) - St. Louis Jr. Blues
6. Travis Boyd (F/93) - Hopkins High School
7. Cole Gunner (F/90) - Fargo Force
8. John Ramage (D/91) - NTDP
9. Rocco Grimaldi (F/93) - Little Caesar's
10. Kevin Lind (D/92) - Chicago Mission
11. Stephen Johns (D/92) - NTDP
12. Ben Arnt (F/89) - Omaha Lancers
13. Kevin Gravel (D/92) - Marquette Rangers

Chris prefaced his list by stating that he's sticking with kids he's seen, and kids that he thinks will actually play college hockey. Thanks Chris! More to come tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Missed several 90 and 91 prospects
John Celli Shamrocks EJHL second year and very sucessful Summer Beantown led his team to the championship, one of the top scorers on the team and in the tournament.
Robert Sorrenti Shamrocks EJHL excellent start to his first season with the Shamrocks