Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Upper Midwest High School Elite League

With a handful of exceptions, this league is where the best Minnesota high schoolers get to test themselves against the other best Minnesota high schoolers. I didn't get a chance to personally scout any of these games, but here are my favorite prospects based on stats and other peoples' scouting reports.

1. Anders Lee (Sr/F) - Edina HS
2. Adam Knochenmus (Jr/F) - Roseau HS
3. Garrett Henderickson (So/F) - Virginia HS
4. Schyler Adams (Sr/F) - New Prague HS
5. Joe Schmitz (Sr/D) - Centennial HS
6. Caleb Herbert (Jr/F) - Bloomington-Jefferson HS
7. Justin Crandall (Jr/F) - St. Thomas Academy
8. Bill Simon (Sr/F) - Lakeville South
9. Cal Decowski (Jr/F) - Andover
10. Andrew Prochno (Jr/D) - Minnetonka HS

Others to consider
Tommy Westmark (Sr/F) - Appleton HS
Connor Reilly (Jr/F) - Holy Angels HS
Jeff Pauluk (Jr/D) - Bloomington-Jefferson HS
Wes Wauters (Sr/F) - Ashwaubenon HS
Troy Hekseth (Jr/D) - Minnetonka HS
Willie Hess (Sr/F) - Centennial HS
Chris Casto (Jr/D) - Hill-Murray HS
Joseph LaBate (So/F) - Holy Angels
Walker Hyland (Jr/D) - Woodbury HS
Joey Rehkamp (Sr/F) - Breck
Brett Stern (Jr/D) - Centennial HS
Nick Widing (Sr/F) - Hill-Murray HS
Brian Kemp (Jr/D) - Fond du Lac HS
Zach Mausolf (Sr/F) - Duluth-Marshall HS
Cody Hotchkin (Sr/F) - Duluth-Denfield HS
Tyler Landman (Sr/F) - Roseau HS


Anonymous said...

im confused as to what this list means in your terms? is this the best uncommitted in the league?

CHRE said...

Correct, the players on my blog are always uncommitted (except for possibly some older posts where I haven't gone back to edit them).

Anonymous said...

okay thanks.and now that i know that i completely agree with the list and cant believe some of these kids havent committed.

Anonymous said...

for instance . . . . . .

gregolson said...

where did you read the scouting reports on the marhshall, stern, and schmitz kids..i was wondering cause id like to read them.

CHRE said...

USHR has comments on Marshall and Stern. Schmitz was labeled a "B" prospect by NHL Central Scouting.