Monday, March 9, 2009

AJHL Prospect Rankings

These forwards range from 4th to 25th in the overall player rankings. The offensive defensemen range from 1st through 9th.

1. Daniel Carr (91) St. Albert

2. John Dunbar (91) Calgary Canucks
3. Bryce Williamson (89) St. Albert
4. Reed Linaker (91) St. Albert
5. Chris Duszynski (89) Okotoks
6. James Bannister (89) Okotoks
7. Mitchell Maxwell (90) Olds

8. Scott Hudson (88) Sherwood Park

Offensive Defensemen
1. Brendon Algeo (91) Olds
2. Ryan Wilkinson (91) St. Albert

3. Nicholas Bell (90) Okotoks


Anonymous said...

Orban is committed to Bemidji State.

Anonymous said...

mashmeyer plays in whl. hes awful

Anonymous said...

Sam Dezman has played 3 games for Medicine Hat this past year(first game Dec 27, 2008), don't know how this affects his eligibility.

Bronson Maschmeyer (91) plays for the Giants, younger brother Brock (92) plays in the AJHL

Anonymous said...

Dezman has played games with Medicine Hat in the WHL.