Monday, March 30, 2009

NAHL Prospect Rankings

Woo hoo!! The NAHL is down, only the USHL is left. Funny thing is, the USHL is more picked over than the NAHL, so a couple of these guys could be better than a couple of those guys. The NTDP guys are extremely likely to be recruited by Major Juniors, but as of now, are still college eligible.

1. Saad, Brandon (92) - Mahoning Valley
2. Nieto, Matthew (92) - NTDP U17
3. Etem, Emerson (92) - NTDP U17
4. Voran, Michael (90) - Wenatchee

5. Juola, Michael (89) - Fairbanks
6. Cecka, Dan (89) - Owatonna
7. Hudson, Chad (90) - Wichita Falls
8. Vandercook, DJ (90) - Wenatchee
9. Curry, Nick (89) - Springfield

Offensive Defensemen
1. Burrell, Brandon (90) - Wenatchee
2. Coldwell, Austin (90) - Springfield
3. Nelson, Josh (89) - Fairbanks
4. Sloat, Jacob (90) - Owatonna


Anonymous said...

Juola is an '89.

Anonymous said...


CHRE said...

I know, I know. Goalies are just too hard for an armchair prospector like me. Too often I've seen goalies with seemingly horrendous stats be rated quite highly, some of which go on to do great things in college. I'd gladly post a list that somebody else created, as long as they can justify how they created it.

Anonymous said...

Dowd Just Commited to St. Cloud today....